About Isobel Johnstone

Since childhood I have grown up with a deep love of animals. We lived in the country and, although I cannot remember, my mother told me when I was very young I had pet bantams and I would go out and feed them and chatter to them. My sisters and I then graduated to taming wild kittens found in our woodheap and much to my mother's despair adding them to our increasing pet cat population. We then added dogs of various breeds over the years.

I studied Veterinary Science and worked as a veterinarian in small animal practice for 30 years and I am now retired which gives me time to devote to my ability to communicate telepathically with animals. I no longer work in a clinical veterinary practice, therefore any health issues uncovered during the communication with your animal would be referred on to your veterinarian.

My mission is to bridge the communication gap between animals and humans and hopefully bring humans to a deeper understanding of animals and that they are intelligent, thinking, feeling beings.

Dr Noel Fitzpatrick, veterinary surgeon and pioneer of bionic development for animals when he was interviewed by Margaret Throsby on a show called "Mornings with Margaret Throsby, ABC Radio" said

“There is a lot of sentience within us that we ignore. Some people are great in loving relationships and some are not but we all have the same capacity for love, it depends on how we choose to use it. We all have the same capacity for feeling but we may not cultivate it.

“I have seen animals as sentient, that is they all have feelings needs and wants. The only way forward for mankind in my view is to understand that we have a responsibility for the animals on the planet and if we look after them we help ourselves.“

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