Telepathy is the transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five senses of the body. Telepathy is termed an extrasensory perception because of it not being one of the five senses.

Telepathic communication is in the form of seeing mind pictures, hearing words mentally, knowing and feelings. The communication is silent as it is done mind-to-mind.

What to expect from the communication

You will receive the animal's perspective on how they see things and how they feel about things. With behavioural issues you will get an insight into the animal's reasons for their behaviour. Specific questions you want asked of the animal can be answered so that the animal and you have a deeper understanding of each other.

Isobel tunes into the animal's thoughts and has a two-way mind conversation with the animal, writing down the conversation as it unfolds. This is later typed up and emailed to the owner.

Consultations can be Distant or In Person

Distant consultation

Distance is no bar to telepathy so a telepathic communication with an animal can be from any point in the world. A photo of the animal is used as a focus to talk with the animal. The photo can be emailed or mailed.

In Person consultation

This can be done when the animal resides locally to Brisbane, Australia. The cost of travel time is added to the consult.
Preferably the owner is present as usually the animal is more relaxed then. It just needs for the owner to be quiet and still whilst the communication is taking place which usually lasts for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. The conversation is relayed to the owner and then any further questions can be asked of the animal.

How to prepare

Decide what you would like Isobel to ask your pets. There maybe some topics or questions they you particularly want covered.

Have a written list of questions that you would like asked.
No more than 10 questions.
However, there just may be one important topic that you want discussed in detail.

Many owners simply want to ask their animal if it is happy.

Isobel talking to the mob Isobels snake necklace Deep in conversation with Claude