Isobel Johnstone






Matilda Dunkley-Brown would like to thank Isobel very much indeed for allowing her to tell her owners what an important and hard working dog she is.

I have never met anyone like Isobel Johnstone. She is my answer to Dr Dolittle. Isobel has an incredible gift and has generously shared that gift with me by talking to a number of cats and dogs in my care.

Isobel has accurately pinpointed the location of lost cats, solved a mystery about a house in disarray when we returned from a day trip home to find screens destroyed, a missing cat and no obvious solution as to how it happened, helped me communicate with a cat that had passed over, reassured 2 of my cats who were having to remain behind whilst we went on an overseas journey and communicated with 4 of my dogs who were joining us on that trip.

Isobel communicates with all the animals in my care via photographs. She has never met any of them or knows anything about them, beyond the little I tell her prior to the communication. A most incredible thing about the communications that Isobel has had with all the animals is the uncanny accuracy of each animals personality that shines through. Literally, if the animals were human, the way they talk to isobel and the things they say, would be EXACTLY how I would expect them to communicate if they WERE human.

Isobel's empathy, her compassion and her career as a vet, only add to her amazing gift and her insight into the animal kingdom. She is the first person I turn to when an animal has gone missing, is in distress or when I need to communicate something important. I truthfully don't know what I would do without her.

It is truly wonderful to know Isobel and to know that with Isobel in my life and the lives of the animals in my care, that we can have the communication I have wanted all my life. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Isobel to any and all animal lovers.

With love,
Alex Hoare


I had Isobel come to speak to a poodle that I had rescued from the RSPCA. We had been working on him settling into our routine and home but after weeks of attempting to achieve this we invited Isobel to speak to Mr B. She explained to him our concern that our lifestyle did not meet his needs and the options we had, one of which was he return to the RSPCA. Mr B expressed his happiness with living with us but also his happiness to return to the RSPCA, assuring us that he would be happy in any family he lived with. This assurance allowed us to (with reduced guilt) return him to the RSPCA with recommendations about what type of family would best suit Mr B.
Ash Qld Australia


Daisy May

We have a very timid cat which scares at the slightest noise and when she is scared, she lets you know with both teeth and claws. So when it came to taking her to the vet to get clippered (a task we were dreading). I sat down, and did what Isobel had talked to me about, and talked to Daisy-Maid, telling her what was going to happen, showing her the bag she was going to travel in and explaining the whole process. She jumped in, head poking out and calmly went to the vet, got clippered and came home, with no fuss, it was like another cat completely.
Cole Qld Australia


Hinwood burmese
The Hinwood Kids

We had an unhappy challenge with one of our lovely Burmese cats for all of her 7 years. She ran away from us, wouldn't let us come near her yet called from a distance, and hid from most strangers, especially children. We have had other cat people in our lives for many years and know this is so very un-Burmese. Thankfully, enter Isobel. This cat acts very differently now; in fact the changes happened immediately. She is very affectionate and loving. It turns out her hearing is very acute and people make loud noises so she has to retreat. She knows exactly how we are to show her affection and she loves it when we do; in fact, she insists on being stroked, and tossed around in a box often. The calling was for play, her way. We are so very grateful Isobel.
Judy and John Hinwood NSW Australia


Nip, Whisper & Bumbles

What an enjoyable and useful time we had with Isobel. During a couple of sessions she spoke with both my established dogs, a newly acquired geriatric terrier and my daughter's two fluffy whites that I was dog sitting. The home dogs expressed themselves much as I expected except the one, a rescue animal, was effusive in her pleasure at being in her new home, even after a couple of years with us.
The elderly new arrival spoke of the problems in her previous home and commented about the pleasures she now enjoyed. Her complaints were absolutely valid. The two fluffy whites surprised me. My daughter had recently moved under difficult circumstance (hence my dog sitting). They revealed aspects of home that I knew nothing about and which my daughter later confirmed as accurate. Isobel was not familiar with the animals or their history. We reconnected through a mutual friend, not having spoken to each other for a number of years.
Helen Qld Australia



I asked Isobel to talk with my cat as I had two important problem issues with Muffy. I wanted to stop her clawing at the flyscreen door to be let in; why wouldn't a simple meow do? Muffy replied that she did not know that just a meow would do but would try it, but if that did not work she would claw at the screen. Since then she has only clawed once, when we were watching TV and did not hear her meow. Another problem was she had taken to waking us very early in the morning. Her reply was "well I am awake and they are family and so I think they would enjoy being awake, I don't like being the only one awake" After discussing with her how we really did not want to be woken up early and Isobel 's information on how to send her mental images of us sleeping we have been "allowed" to keep sleeping. It is such a relief to have these issues sorted out and I also have a much better relationship with Muffy now. Thank you so much Isobel.
Fraser Qld Australia

Isobel and I had been business acquaintances some years ago and when we caught up recently through mutual friends I invited her to lunch. Isobel had never met my Afghan Hounds and she was keen to communicate with them. She asked each of them separately to tell her something that they and I would know but that she would not know.

Prophet said "I like licorice, you know those nice lollies. If she wants me to do my best then licorice will do it to give me as a reward". Isobel looked most confused at this afterwards but I laughed and brought out Prophet's no.1 treat (he has many different treats as he does a lot of agility training and competition) but the dark dried lamb chunks look just like licorice!

Folly said "Well I am lazy really, I don't like to run and run like you know who. I have to work at it and give up as soon as I get the chance". This is classically Folly who now that she is older is retired from agility competition as she really doesn't want to put herself out on a challenging course and runs straight to the finish line stops and waits for me to get the message!

Everything else Isobel quoted back to me was 100% accurate on both dogs and I was amazed during the session when Prophet stood up and walked over and just stared at Isobel who was sitting quietly away from him with her eyes closed.
Sue Ward, Brisbane, Qld.


Chantels cat
The Chantal Kids

What a treat it was to be able to talk to my cats through Isabel. The behavioural issues I was having with them have certainly much improved and on the odd occasion when they lapse, I just remind them how inappropriate it is using techniques Isobel showed me. The change has been great - even my housemates have commented. Thank you so much Isobel.
Chantel Qld australia



After Isobel had talked to my cat Mischa our relationship changed, I mean with the cat of course. Instead of Mischa being my pet, she became my companion. We had a much better understanding of how we wanted to live together. Thank you Isobel, life is much easier now.
Laurel Gibbons Manly West Qld Australia


Lyssie & Jessica
Jessica & Lyssie

I am one of the 'true' skeptics. While skeptics dismiss anything that does not comply with their concepts as rubbish the TRUE Skeptic requires convincing proof of an incident and once such proof is received will accept it as genuine. Let me state I believe that the events of Sunday afternoon were very real indeed. A skeptic would dismiss it all as emanating from your subconscious and elaborating what we told you beforehand. As for me...

1.We in fact told you very little of what came up in your "interviews".
2. Tonkinese are very active beasts that seldom stay still for long. In both cases ours sat quite still throughout although it was hilarious when Lyssie decided enough was enough and stomped off.
3. Jessica informed you when asked to tell you something you did not know that they loved chasing round our second living room; you even got a picture of that room spinning round. No way could you have inferred this game, after all there is our long corridor perfect for wild chases and I did warn you on arrival to beware and freeze if you hear a herd of elephants charging along that corridor. While they do have such long chases they always end up in that one room, which you hardly saw until after the interviews.
4. Lyssie's surprise answer to that one was her love of food containing fish. Early in your visit I told you I fed them Roo mince last thing each night. No mention of the fact that I keep a few small packs of gourmet tuna in crab jelly in the fridge for times when I forget to put the Roo stuff out to thaw. As a result of your interview I recalled I had not given the cats any of this for weeks. I opened my last pack and Lyssie did come over excited. I never realised just how much she loved the stuff.
5. Toy mice ? They have gone off them for a long time now. I gave them one of the last of my remaining stock after you left and it vanished. Three days later right now I look down and it's at my feet and still unscathed.

Tom, Brisbane Queensland

I have known Isobel Johnstone for more than twenty years as a well respected veterinarian and PhD in science. Isobel visited my two beautiful Burmese male cats, Zandi and Tuya, after Zandi was discharged from hospital to receive intensive home treatment for diabetes and hepatic lipidosis. I could not understand why Zandi had become so ill and therefore asked Isobel to speak to "the boys" and ask them the reasons. Isobel was able to obtain information from Zandi about situations whose impact on Zandi I had not appreciated and which I realised I would have to correct. She also talked to Tuya to find out how he felt about his beloved brother and the results were equally enlightening.

Following weeks of intensive nursing, Zandi is happy and healthy and Tuya has stopped spraying. I now live in a home with two exceptionally contented and peaceful cats, all thanks to Isobel and the messages that she relayed to me from "the boys". I can only wish that all animal lovers appreciate the value of this form of mental communication with their adored animals so that we can help them and ourselves lead truly happy, full lives.

Linda Griffith, Brisbane