All living things have the ability and need to communicate

Interspecies communication can happen, and when we open up our hearts to animals to know what they are thinking, feeling and how they view life - then our relationships with all animals will change forever .

Telepathic communication is the universal language of the animal kingdom.

Although telepathic communication has yet to be explained by modern science, all animals, both human and nonhuman, have the potential.

Telepathy is commonly defined as the communication of thoughts and/or feelings between minds, without the use of the ordinary senses.
Telepathy is the ability to communicate without words
Telepathy is universal.
Telepathy, practiced frequently, eases into a naturally occurring reality along with all the other automatic (five) senses. It is not supernatural or strange, but instinctual to all animals, including humans.
Unlike humans, there is generally little conflict in the directness of mental or emotional states of animals.

Isobel with Burmese Deep in conversation with Claude