Animal Telepathic Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animal Communication helps you to understand what your best friend is thinking and feeling.

"It is good for them to know that we think and that we appreciate them"

A Labrador dog

"You are welcome to talk to me, it is my opportunity to tell these people how much I appreciate their taking care of me. Thank them for taking me in, I am really grateful"

A Terrier dog

Behavioural, Emotional and Physical concerns can be addressed.

This gives an opportunity for discussion with the animal about problems, either those that the owner is having with the animal or that the animal is having with the owner.

"It gives me a chance to discuss what is troubling me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain myself".

A Burmese cat

Isobel with her love of animals, compassion, sense of humour and down to earth communication style brings animals and their owners closer together.

Why Communicate With Your Animals

Telepathic communication with your animal can be very helpful:

Your animal and you can forge a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other.
It can reveal an animal's feelings, wants and needs.
When an animal is old or in poor health its wishes can be conveyed to the owner.
Explaining to an animal upcoming moves or changes before they happen to allay their fears.
Negotiate with feuding animals
Enhance an animals training
Behaviour problems discussed

What your animals do makes perfect sense to them, from their viewpoint. By communicating with the animal we can learn their own personal and unique viewpoint, we can understand what they need and why they behave the way they do. And we can enlist their participation in resolving any issues, problem behavior, or health problems. Who better to ask than your animal friend when he is having a problem? 

Isobel with Burmese Isobels snake necklace Isobel with Noah